Our Vision

U.S. GEO focuses on things that have proven to work: networking and relationships among and between like-minded, high-ranking firm executives; advocacy, public policy, and a presence in Washington, DC and across the nation to grow the geospatial market; act as a safeguard against the unfair government and university competition, and promote as well as defend quality as the foundation of professional services procurement.

Our Associates

John "JB" Byrd

Federal Lobbyist

JB serves as the Federal Lobbyist for U.S. GEO. He represents the U.S. GEO policy positions before Members of Congress, their personal office and committee staff, and before federal agencies. Having advocated on surveying, mapping, and geospatial issues since 2005, JB has built a solid reputation on Capitol Hill and developed an extensive list of key contacts with relevant policy leaders and legislative champions on Capitol Hill. JB also works with the political appointees and career public servants managing geospatial programs in Federal agencies and has attended several events at The White House. He also provides content for the monthly U.S. GEO Webinar.

Email: Jbyrd@jmpa.us 

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 U.S. GEO is by invitation only, limited to 100 C-level executives who are principals, owners, or partners of the leading firms in the geospatial market. Participants enjoy summit conferences per year with no registration fee for policy sessions, networking exchanges, and roundtable discussions;  monthly web-based sessions that provide briefings with news, information, and updates on issues and programs that provide market intelligence, leading-edge insights; and advocacy before Congress and Federal agencies.

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