U.S. Geospatial Executives Organization

U.S. GEO (Geospatial Executives Organization) is a coalition of geospatial firms, organized under John M. Palatiello & Associates, Inc., the premier Washington, DC-based geospatial public policy and association management consultants.

What they are saying about U.S. GEO

"Over the years, as Chairman of the ACSM/NSPS Governmennt Affairs Committee, as a President of MAPPS, and as CEO of a large geospatial firm, I've participated in every major political and legislative issue facing the profession and I've seen the need for strong political action evolve. U.S. GEO is exactly what private geospatial firms need today and John Palatiello is precisely the person to lead it. As other organizations and associations have changed their focus, priorities, and structure, U.S. GEO is essential to provide the leadership necessary for geospatial firms to grow, to promote and protect QBS, to fight government competition, and to expand the market."

Rodger D. Phelps, PLS, PSM Former President/CEO 3001

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