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Participation in the U.S. GEO is by invitation only.  It is limited to executives of leading firms in the geospatial market. To qualify, an individual must be a C-level executive who is a principal, owner, or partner in a geospatial firm with an equity interest and profit/loss responsibilities.  In order to maintain this high-level, participation is not transferable and may not be delegated.

U.S. GEO participants receive the following benefits:

    • Two (2) conferences per year. Each conference will be two (2) days in duration. There is no registration fee for attendance at these conferences; the cost is included in the annual dues. Partcipants will only be responsible for air travel and hotel.  There will be a spring conference in Washington, DC and a fall conference at a resort or higher-end city hotel.  The spring conference will be focused on sessions on policy (speakers from Congress, leading agency officials (career or political appointees), high level management experts, and roundtable discussions).  The fall conference will be business management and practice oriented.
    • Additionally, U.S. GEO participants will receive exclusive news, information, and updates on issues and programs that provide market intelligence, leading-edge insights, and similar information through e-newsletters, conference calls, and other participants-only communications throughout the year.
    • U.S. GEO, through the JMP&A staff, will be engaged in lobbying Congress and Federal agencies and John “JB” Byrd will lead the organization’s registered lobbyists. This will enable U.S. GEO participants to benefit from the reputation, connections, and longstanding base of institutional knowledge about geospatial policy issues of John Byrd and John Palatiello, with support from our other team members.
    • The focus of U.S. GEO will be a forum for a select group of geospatial CEOs and other C-level executives to gather and engage in networking among peers, information exchange, engage in high level business and practice management education, and discuss market trends as influenced by government policy.
    • U.S. GEO will have in-house expertise to available to assist firms with business management and geospatial technology issues, programs, and activities under terms and conditions outside the scope of U.S. GEO.

Firms will pay an annual fee of $7,500 to JMP&A to be a U.S. GEO participant.  U.S. GEO will not be a separately incorporated organization and will not have bylaws or a Board of Directors.  Therefore, U.S. GEO participants will not be burdened with typical association board of directors’ responsibilities.  Rather, U.S. GEO participants will provide guidance to JMP&A on priorities and positions on policy issues, but will not have a bureaucratic association structure. U.S. GEO participants will have access to the expertise of our expanded public policy team of John Palatiello, John Byrd, Paul Miller, Nicole Smith, and Mitch Moonier on legislation and policy.  Under this model, a group of firms will, in effect, collectively have JMP&A on retainer a U.S. GEO coalition participant.  A scope of services will be provided to all U.S. GEO participants.  Any firm that wishes to retain JMP&A for services above and beyond the U.S. GEO scope will be free to independently do so.  Such services may include management consulting, strategic planning, ownership transition, marketing, branding, Federal market intelligence, regulatory or legislative assistance, and related operational activities.